Whirlpool Greenkitchen

Whirlpool Greenkitchen

A concept for sustainable living

Sustainable living

Through an integrated use of appliances, the concept takes its model from the cycle of nature, optimising the use of heat and water with processes that increase energy efficiency up to 70%.

How it works

Appliances and sensors are integrated into a centralised system. For example, the Greenkitchen allows you to use the heat produced by the fridge compressor, the only appliance to operate 24 hours a day, to produce hot water for the dishwasher. Sensors will measure the degree of soil in tap water to avoid wasting water. While waiting for the hot water, the clean cold water is diverted to a special tank where it is treated so it can be re-utilized to water plants, to clean floors or in the dishwasher.

10 million pixels, all in motion

Four stitched projections and four screens, all perfectly synched delivered a seamless animated surface.

From prototype to final installation

Initially designed for Milan Furniture Fair, the installation was featured during several events in Europe. I led workshops with Whirlpool design team and I was responsible for strategy, key message and projections on the final installation.