Nokia Belle

Nokia Belle

A challenging redesign

Redesigning an entire mobile operating system

Responsible for creative direction of Core UI Framework and Core Apps involving 30+ designers over multiple sites – from California to China.

Glance display – Lock screen

Glance missed calls and texts in low power state without waking up your device. Waking up the device it's effortless and requires just a double tap without additional hardware keys. Once the device it's awake a simple swipe gesture brings up the actual content of your notification.

See through explorations

Technology fades in the background, UI controls are carved out of the user content without additional graphical elements.

Visual design mood-boards

See through: cutout shapes / silhouettes / active backgrounds / Layering.
Design classic: timeless / familiar / honest / pure / simple / understandable.
Micro contrast: subtle depth / small details / human touch.
Macro contrast: bold colour / geometric / flat / pure.